i have loved you far more than i have loved most things.

that was why i had to let you go.

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After your first heartbreak, everything changes. Six Word Story (19) 85 notes

okay? okay.

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Anonymous asked: I've been following you for a while and I remember that you have said you're bisexual. I'm nervous about exploring that side of my sexuality and am curious about your experience. Have you ever been in a girlfriend-girlfriend relationship with a girl? Did people know or was it more of a secret? You don't write about girls much in your poetry so I was just curious about your romantic experience. Have you had sex with girls? If so, how do girls have sex? I'm worried I'll look inexperienced.

i have had a girlfriend, but it was more kept closed. a few of my family members are not super supportive of that aspect in my life and i didn’t want to cause any stress that didn’t need to be caused. she was lovely and i have only good things to say about her. when it comes to sex, looking inexperienced is never a bad thing. it just shows vulnerability which is scarier for the one who feels inexperienced, but if you’re reaching that point you shouldn’t feel nervous about that person. and sex is nothing i am going to sit here and explain, i’m sorry. you’ll find what makes you want to explore someone and then figure out how to go from there.

and i find it funny you see a lot of my poetry written about guys, most of the time i just write “you” instead of gender-ing my writing, but it’s an interesting observation.

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it’s strange that people you make friends with become strangers so easily.

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Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Kurt Vonnegut (via psych-facts) 17,173 notes

man crush for life.

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eternal love.

sometimes the night sky sings to me a loneliness; of a longing to share with the poise of the sun. but instead he must hide and watch his love fade away from him while he moves to do his job. staring off during the day, hiding his face almost always. pretending at night the far stars beauty compares.
sometimes the bright morning sings to me a loneliness; of a longing to share with the grace of the moon. but instead she must rarely see his face as he hides during the light, she overpowers his presence. pretending her warmth makes up for the loss of a companion.
sometimes i sing of loneliness to the world; of a longing to share my dreams. but instead i am left with a paper and pen, writing to those i will never truly touch. pretending i am comfortable with the silence.
sometimes loneliness is the only song.

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If you were to press your heart close up against somebody else’s heart eventually your hearts will start beating at the same time. And two little babies in an incubator, their hearts will beat at the same time. Love that. So if you have somebody in your life that is prone to anxiety, like myself, and if you happen to be a calm person, you could come up and hug me heart to heart and my heart hopefully would slow to yours. And I just love that idea. Or maybe yours would speed up to mine. But either way, we’ll be there together.  Andrea Gibson 2,157 notes

"Hope" is the thing with feathers—
That perches in the soul—
And sings the tune without the words—
And never stops—at all—

And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard—
And sore must be the storm—
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm—

I’ve heard it in the chillest land—
And on the strangest Sea—
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb—of Me.

Emily Dickinson, “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers” (via larmoyante) 1,052 notes

1. Not that I’ve been keeping track, but it’s been 156 days since I last saw you.

2. Before we parted 156 days ago, I hugged you with everything in me; like you were the last person I would ever hold.

(In a way, you were)

3. Whenever I close my eyes, I see the freckles that spread across the expanse of your nose, the birthmark on your index finger, and the moles that dot your back. Your eyes, as blue as the sky and as soft as the clouds that float in it, stare through the darkness of my mind, hanging just above the sharp curve of your jaw.

4. The first time I drank coffee, it was with you. I’ve only had it a handful of times since then, but I will forever taste the sweetness of your name amidst all of the bitterness. I’ll keep drinking it.

5. I got Drake’s new album for Christmas, and all I hear whenever I listen to it is your complaints. I know, I know. Jay Z is the only rapper worth listening to.

(But if it means that you’ll use your breath explaining that to me, I’ll listen to Drake every damn day for the rest of my life)

6. I spoke to your sister the other day, and I desperately hope that we’ll become close friends. She possesses all of the same wonderful qualities that you have. Sometimes, if I squint a little, I can pretend that it’s you I’m chatting with, and that makes my stomach ache, from guilt or something along those lines.

7. Here’s a secret: I’ve always disliked Game of Thrones. But then you told me how much you love it, and I couldn’t help but read the book cover to cover. George R.R. Martin really needs to stop needlessly killing his characters.

8. I’m beginning to forget the details of your face. I panicked the other day, and went through all of your Facebook photos. I was able to breathe again afterwards, because they brought the curve of your lips and the way your eyebrows crease back into focus in my memory.

9. Somewhere in this I almost said something important, but my heart jumped into my throat and cut my breath off before it had the chance to form into words, and my mind put walls up around my emotions that are far too tall for me to climb. It’s like my body is fighting a war against me, shooting bullet holes into my feelings and bombing my memories of you.

So, until the battle is over, I’ll tell you these eight things

and leave one unsaid.

the 8 things I want to tell you, and 1 that I don’t | Chelsea Jean Houston {1/3/14} (via naivestars) 703 notes

sometimes i drain the ink from my veins in order to remind myself it’s there. other times, i let it sit and linger until it bursts an artery.

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